Calm Clarity Book Release Party

By CalmClarity (other events)

Tuesday, May 15 2018 6:30 PM 8:30 PM EDT

Let's party! Join us to celebrate the release of the new Calm Clarity book! All are welcome. RSVP by clicking the "Tickets" tab. 

Appetizers and non-alcoholic refreshments will be served. Drinks are BYOB. 

This event is free of charge. We are happy to accept donations to support the Calm Clarity social mission to help under-privileged students to build resilience and leadership skills, so that together we can end the trans-generational transmission of toxic stress and trauma in low-income communities. You can contribute by making a donation when you register. You can also click here to make your donation via PayPal.

If you have pre-ordered the book, please sign-up for our Pre-order Giveaway to receive a special bonus meditation. You can pre-order on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Indiebound. We will also have copies on hand for sale at the party. 

Initial Praise for Calm Clarity: How to Use Science to Rewire Your Brain for Greater Wisdom, Fulfillment, and Joy

Calm Clarity tells Due Quach’s story of transformation, weaving her rich life experience with in-depth scientific insights from across diverse fields. Due has created practical and accessible tools for readers to not just be inspired by her transformation, but to set off and experience their own profound changes as well.”  
—Sharon Salzberg, New York Times bestselling author of Real Love and Real Happiness

Calm Clarity provides a powerful, practical, science-based approach to healing and transforming our pain and cultivating compassion to enable others to do so also.”
—Richard Rohr, bestselling author of Falling Upward

“One of the best books I have ever read. Yes, this book is about rewiring your brain for greater wisdom and joy, but it also shares Due’s compelling story of resilience and grit, a very personal account of shifting from entanglement to enlightenment.”
—Rick Bellingham, EdD, CEO of iobility

“Calm Clarity captivates not only the mind, but also the heart, soul, and imagination. Quach skillfully interweaves scientific understanding with spiritual wisdom and grounds these important insights in everyday life.”
—Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, coauthor of Wired to Create

“A revelatory and inspiring guide on the spiritual path that also helps people develop the leader inside them.”
—Patricio Barriga, CEO and President of Fagor America Inc.

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